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Prison Fellowship® is the nation's largest nonprofit serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and a leading advocate for justice reform. We seek to share the real, living hope of the Gospel with people who long for its power to make them new. Real restoration begins by addressing the cycle of crime on all fronts, in prison and out, and engaging in a cycle of renewal.

Prison Fellowship staff and volunteers are in hundreds of correctional facilities each day sharing the Gospel, spreading hope, and teaching life-changing classes. We introduce incarcerated men and women to a new future in Christ and nurture their spiritual growth with Bible studies and discipleship courses. Prison Fellowship is dramatically expanding its ministry to women—the fastest-growing prison population—with events, resources, and intensive programs tailored to their specific needs. As a result, we are seeing prisoners use their sentences as a time to grow, change, and find a new, positive life path with Prison Fellowship staff and volunteers as their guide.

Prison Fellowship's approach to helping formerly incarcerated men and women thrive begins with our programs inside of prisons. We prepare those inside for healthy reintegration by providing life-skill classes, mentors, and access to local community resources. The intensive, long-term Prison Fellowship Academy® takes men and women through a holistic life transformation, while participants live in faith-based dorms, take practical classes, and prepare for reentry within a caring Christian community. Prison Fellowship also works with churches and organizations to strengthen local support networks for returning citizens.

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