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Q: How does CBD work?

A: CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This system helps maintain proper function among the most important systems in our bodies, as well as hormone regulation related to stress and reproduction. 

When CBD is built up in the body over time, it has the potential to increase cannabinoid receptors. With more cannabinoid receptors, the endocannabinoid system becomes more active. 

A consistent daily dose will help maintain the levels of CBD in your body and provide you with the best healing that nature has to offer.

Q: Can I take VITAL ESSENCE CBD products in PLACE of my anti-anxiety medication?


A: No, VITAL ESSENCE products are not meant to replace your medication. We believe that utilizing our all-natural products for better health is a safe and effective way to heal. Consult with your doctor before adding any supplement to your routine that is intended for medicinal use. A trained medical professional can clinically assess your needs and recommend the best route of treatment.

Q: How do I store my CBD OIL?

A: Once opened, your oil will last 60 days without refrigeration.

For care and maintenance of your tincture, always shake before use and keep out of direct sunlight. Once opened, your oil will last 60 days without refrigeration. If you wish to use your oil after this time period, place in the refrigerator to preserve freshness.

Q: What does VITAL ESSENCE CBD Oil contain?

A: VITAL ESSENCE'S patented full-spectrum CBD oil contains all-natural, non-GMO, premium Danish hemp that has been extracted from the whole plant and blended with cold-pressed virgin hemp seed oil. 

This plant-based, amino- and vitamin-rich protein contains impressive amounts of omegas 3-6-9 and super-powerful CBD healing properties.

Q: Can VITAL ESSENCE CBD Oil get ME high?


A: No, Vital essence CBD Oil will not get you high. If you are consistent and supplement daily, it will revitalize your health and help balance your body naturally

Q: What is the difference between cannabis, marijuana and hemp?

A: Cannabis is the genus name used to identify a type of flowering plant that includes marijuana and hemp. Marijuana and hemp are both part of the Cannabis Genus, yet they are different. Similar to how oranges and limes are both considered Citrus fruits, but look and taste differently.

Marijuana plants are high in THC, the chemical compound that causes psychoactive effects. Marijuana that contains THC is typically used by adults for medical or recreational purposes. 

Hemp plants are low in THC and high in Cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD is non-psychoactive and safe to use for medicinal purposes.

Q: Is VITAL ESSENCE CBD Oil considered weed or marijuana?


A: No, VITAL ESSENCE CBD Oil is not considered weed or marijuana. Think of Hemp and Marijuana as cousins, as they are both varieties of the Cannabis plant. These plants are commonly confused as they belong to the same plant family and are similar in appearance.

The biggest difference between the two plants is the presence of the chemical compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the compound within the marijuana plant that causes users to feel high. Hemp does not get you high and is selectively bred to have almost untraceable amounts of THC, while Marijuana is intentionally produced to contain large amounts of THC.

Q:What is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

A: All VITAL ESSENCE Products are full-spectrum and all-natural CBD products, labeled under the more general term, Hemp.

The premium full-spectrum CBD in our products is harvested from whole Danish Hemp Plants. CBD is a chemical compound within hemp that is known for its wide array of healing properties. Just as coffee is synonymous with caffeine, hemp is synonymous with CBD.

The reason we use CBD/Hemp interchangeably on our site versus our packaging, is due to the complicated and intricate Cannabis market that exists today. While we're allowed to write CBD in our online product titles, we are not allowed to do so on the packaging that is distributed physically. We are happy to work in compliance with the rules and guidelines set forth by the government, however, this distinction often causes confusion for our customers.

Q: Can you overdose on CBD?


A: Our hemp plants are grown under strict European directives requiring less than 0.2% THC. This implies that THC levels are extremely low, and in most cases untraceable. However, advanced drug tests are sometimes able to detect these unavoidable compounds. We highly recommend that you do not consume hemp or other cannabinoid products if you expect to be drug-tested.

Q: Do VITAL ESSENCE products undergo laboratory testing?

A: All VITAL ESSENCE products undergo three rounds of quality testing at a third-party laboratory at both the batch and product level.

Q: What is the endocannabinoid system?

A: The endocannabinoid system fights to maintain homeostasis and balance among the major systems in our bodies. This complex system is comprised of networks throughout the brain, as well as central and peripheral nervous system. It has a regulatory role on pain, inflammation, memory, emotion, sleep and metabolic function.

CBD is a cannabinoid that interact directly with the cannabinoid system and pre-existing cannabinoid-like compounds in the body, which researchers believe might explain the incredible results yielded from its use.


Q: What is CO2 Extraction?


A: CO2 is hands-down, the best extraction method on the market. CO2 extraction compresses CO2 gas into a liquid and uses it as a solvent to extract matter from plants and all sorts of goods. CO2 is the same compound all humans breathe out of their lungs - it's safe, eco-friendly, and effective.

Q: How does a cannabis drug test work?

AYour typical drug screening will test for the chemical compound, THC. These tests look for the metabolic products of THC and utilize antibodies to detect its presence. There are no tests designed specifically to detect CBD, as CBD is not considered a, ‘drug’.

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