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Gold Label Collection

Welcome to LUSU Designs Gold Label Collection. We're happy you decided to check us out


Unlike LUSU Designs Lifestyle Apparel, the Gold Label Collection includes our Boutique Couture items, which are handpicked by us, based on our style and vision of beauty. 

Being that we are followers of Christ, it's important for us to demonstrate the standards He has set for us, one of those being modesty. We believe the concept of modesty get an unfair negative connotation, and we've taken it upon ourselves  to dispel those misconceptions, and illustrate the beauty that lies in modesty, which is borne out of reverence and love for God.

We hope you enjoy our collection, which can be viewed and purchased below.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at with any questions, comments, requests, etc.

As always, be abundantly blessed

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