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The Uplift Culture... Here to Uplift Culture

Welcome to LUSURadio. I greet you with a spirit of excitement for this new platform, powered by Stationhead. We’re an online radio station designed to provide anytime access to inspirational music, as well as live broadcasts, which cover everything from headline news, sports, pop culture, politics, media, relationships, finance, history, and much more, all from a Christian perspective

Contrary to what society may have you think, to be Christian is not to be harsh or hypocritically judgmental, but rather to live a godly life, and spread the gospel to as many as possible, with the ultimate desire to increase the kingdom of God, YHWH.


We won’t shy away from controversial subjects, nor will we ever compromise our faith, but we’ll always be open to debate and discussion, as long as all parties are respectful and open minded.

We’re very much looking forward to sharing & growing with each and every one of you. TGBTG in & through all things!

Stay tuned to the Live OnAir Schedule, and enjoy the 24/7 music on the station, in the meantime. And tell everyone you know about t

The Stationhead platform is currently only available on IOS, with plans to be added to Google Play and Android in the near future. Click the link below to join the revolution!


LUSU Radio is sponsored by LUSU Designs Lifestyle Apparel.

We’re the Uplift Culture, here to uplift culture!

                                          : Behind the App

Stationhead is a smartphone app that integrates with existing streaming services — namely Spotify and Apple Music. In essence, it 

allows anyone to turn their playlists into a personal radio station. In addition to sharing a playlist of our favorite music you can also host a live broadcast where you can introduce songs and talk about anything you desire. Listeners can add songs from your playlist to their own stations, and you can even call those listeners up to have live, on-air conversations.

Now, you will need a subscription to one of those services in order to listen, but it doesn’t have to be the same one as the DJ — in other words, you can listen to a song streaming from either service.

Here’s how it works. Sign in to Spotify, download the app, start a 24/7 radio station using Spotify & Apple music playlists (other platforms to be added later) and broadcast it to the world live, including speaking in-between songs, or even taking call-ins to talk about the music. The station stays active even when you’re not on the app, and there is an “ON” button to alert your fans when you are live. There is also a chat function built in for people to give feedback or kudos on what’s being played, and of course, a community follow button to establish your brand.

And if you're not interested in starting  a radio station, you can simply listen to the content of others. 

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