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Welcome to BrandLUSU, our beloved partners, present, and future. I know what some of you are thinking, what exactly is a partner? Well I’m glad you asked. A BrandLUSU Partner is anyone, or group that has made any level of commitment to one or more of our business areas. This commitment can be in the form of patronage, volunteerism, sponsorship, internship, and actual employment. We wanted to create a space where we could celebrate you, and share what you’ve done with the world. And so it is important for anyone who purchases any of our apparel, listens to any of our content, volunteers for any event we’re a part of, provides sponsorship to our advocacy group, or any of the nonprofit organizations we support, to provide us with your name, among other information, which you’ll see below, so we can recognize you here. We can’t begin to thank you enough for being a blessing in our lives like you have. And we very much look forward to continuing our partnership with you for years to come. Continue to share our platform with others, so that we can have as large an impact as possible, all for God’s glory.  

Our Partners

CSB Logo 3.png

LUSU CSB Unit Coming Soon

Stay Tuned!!!

Find more info on CSB 

Prison Fellowship.png

LUSU PF Ministry Coming Soon

Stay Tuned!!!

Find more info on Prison Fellowship 

Night of Peace Shelter.png

Join LUSU in service to families in need of shelter and direction.

Find more info on NOP 

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