Author Defined

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Today, I want to discuss the topic of authorship, as it relates to the Holy Bible. Once we have a basline understanding of what the term means it will no doubt add to our appreciation of and reverence for God, and His holy word!

The term author is a noun, defined as a writer of a book, article, or report, & an originator or creator of something, especially a plan or idea. Synonyms include originator, creator, initiator, instigator, founder, & father.

See below for the etymology.

This illustrates the etymology of the word author
Etymology of Author

Detailed Etymology Below:

mid-14c., auctor, autour, autor "father, creator, one who brings about, one who makes or creates" someone or something, from Old French auctor, acteor "author, originator, creator, instigator" (12c., Modern French auteur) and directly from Latin auctor "promoter, producer, father, progenitor; builder, founder; trustworthy writer, authority; historian; performer, doer; responsible person, teacher," literally "one who causes to grow," agent noun from auctus, past participle of augere "to increase."

From late 14c. as "a writer, one who sets forth written statements, original composer of a writing" (as distinguished from a compiler, translator, copyist, etc.). Also from late 14c. as "source of authoritative information or opinion," now archaic but the sense behind authority, etc. In Middle English the word was sometimes confused with