Biblical Divisions: Introduction

Updated: Aug 4

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In this new Humble Servant Blog Series, Biblical Divisions, we'll analyze the various textual divisions within the canon of the Holy Bible. The Bible is comprised of two testaments, and 66 books. The word Bible actually refers to a collection or library of writings. There are 66 books in the canon of the Holy Bible.

There are 39 books in the old testament, and 27 books in the new testament. Chapters separate the Bible into blocks of text suitable for public reading, study or teaching. The Bible was first divided into chapters about 1250 by Cardinal Hugo for the purpose of reference in a Latin concordance. The Bible has a total of 1,189 chapters. The Old Testament has 929 chapters and the New Testament has 260 chapters. Verses separate the Bible text into lengths suitable for reference, quotation and memorization. New Testament quotations from the Old Testament set the pattern for the length of a verse. The New Testament was first divided into verses in 1551 by Sir Robert Stephens in his Greek New Testament. In 1560, the Geneva Bible, an English translation of the Bible made by the English exiles in Geneva, divided the entire Bible into the verses that we still use today.

For the purposes of our Humble Servant Blog Series, we're going to break down the following biblical divisions:

Old Testament