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Biblical Outline: 2 Chronicles

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Peace & Blessings Beloved,

TGBTG for allowing us to see another day. I pray all is well with you and yours, and that your week has been fruitful & blessed thus far.

In this Series, we are going to further our in-depth study of each book of the Holy Bible, breaking each book into the major themes and topics contained therein. Today we'll outline the fourteenth book of the Bible, 2 Chronicles.

  • The Reign of Solomon (2 Chronicles 1-9)

    • The Gift of Wisdom (chapter 1)

    • Building the Temple (2:1;5:1)

    • Dedication of the Temple (5:2;7:22)

    • Solomon's Other Activities (chapter 8)

    • Solomon's Wisdom, Splendor and Death (chapter 9)

  • The Schism, and the History of the Kings of Judah (2 Chronicles 10-36)

    • Rehoboam (chapters 10-12)

    • Abijah (13:1;14:1)

    • Asa (14:2;16:14)

    • Jehoshaphat (17:1;21:3)

    • Jehoram and Ahaziah (21:4;22:9)

    • Joash (22:10;24:27)

    • Amaziah (chapter. 25)

    • Uzziah (chapter 26)

    • Jotham (chapter 27)

    • Ahaz (chapter 28)

    • Hezekiah (chapters 29-32)

    • Manasseh (33:1-20)

    • Amon (33:21-25)

    • Josiah (34:1;36:1)

    • Josiah's Successors (36:2-14)

    • Exile and Restoration (36:15-23)

May we establish, nurture, and grow a sincere love for the word of God, and study it lovingly & faithfully.

I pray you receive this with the love intended, and apply it to wisdom.

May the joy of the Lord continue to be your strength.

Love you much.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed!

-Humble Servant

P.S- If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, I implore you to take the time to do so right now. Use John 3:16 & Romans 10:9-10 as a foundation for making your confession of faith. And use Ephesians 2:1-10 to provide proper context for your salvation.


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