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Stories of the Bible: God Calls Moses

Peace & Blessings Beloved,

TGBTG for allowing us to see another day. I pray all is well with you and yours, and that your week has been fruitful & blessed thus far.

In the ninth post of our new Humble Servant Blog Series, Stories of the Bible, we're going to review God Calls Moses, which can be found in the book of Exodus, starting with chapter 1, and ending with chapter 4.

In Exodus 1 we find the Israelites in Egypt, enslaved by Pharaoh, following the death of Joseph. In the midst of their enslavement, just as Jehovah had promised Abraham, their numbers were increased. This remarkable increase angered & worried the Pharaoh of that time, as all of the good that Joseph did for Egypt had been forgotten. The Pharaoh's anger resulted in him commanding the Israelites to labor greatly, in constructing buildings, and entire cities. This brought misery to the Israelites, but even still, Jehovah increase their offspring yet more. This blessing further angered Pharaoh, who then ordered the murder of every baby boy of Israel, by throwing them into the Nile River.

Moving along in Exodus 2, we bear witness to a baby boy born from the house of Levi, of the Hebrews. This boy was hidden for three months to avoid being slain by the Egyptians, as we know Pharaoh had ordered the killing of every Hebrew son. When the baby could not be hidden any longer, his mother put him in a basket made of bulrushes and placed it among the reeds by the riverbank, along the edge of the Nile River.

The daughter of Pharaoh came down to bathe at the river and saw the basket with the baby inside. She took pity on the baby. She then hired an Israelite woman to nurse the baby boy, who was eventually returned to Pharaoh's daughter once he became of age. When the child grew older, he became the son of Pharaoh's daughter and was named Moses, as she removed him from the water.

As we fast forward through Moses' life, we find ourselves at an encounter between him & an Egyptian taskmaster, who was beating an Israelite slave. In coming to the defense of the slave, Moses ended up killing the taskmaster, and buried his body, so no one would know what he'd done. Unfortunately, he was in-fact seen by a witness, who got word back to Pharaoh. The king attempted to find and kill Moses, but was unable to, as Moses had fled into the wilderness.

As a fugitive, loosely speaking, Moses became a shepherd in the Egyptian wilderness. He also became married, and had two sons.

Exodus 3 begins as Moses is shepherding his father-in-law Jethro's sheep in the land of Midian, he is witness to a burning bush on Mount Horeb. When Moses approaches the bush, the voice of God calls out to him to remove his sandals in the presence of the holy ground. God explains to Moses He has a plan for him to save the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and lead them to the Promised Land of Canaan. Moses is doubtful of his ability to do this at first and asks God who he should tell the Israelites has sent him. God answers with the famous line of "I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you.'"

Because of Moses' fear, Jehovah sent Aaron, Moses' brother, to help him.

May we establish, nurture, and grow a sincere love for the word of God, and study it lovingly & faithfully.

I pray you receive this with the love intended, and apply it to wisdom.

Love you much.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed!

-Humble Servant

P.S- If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, I implore you to take the time to do so right now. Use John 3:16 & Romans 10:9-10 as a foundation for making your confession of faith. And use Ephesians 2:1-10 to provide proper context for your salvation.

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