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Take a cue from celeb chefs like Keith McNally and turn your pots and pans into a focal point in your kitchen. Hanging racks are inexpensive and easy to install and they can be painted to match the rest of your decor if desired. : Peg boards are also a clever idea thats trending all over Pinterest and Instagram, and theyre a great way to introduce plants , into the mix. If your benchtop and splashback have seen better days, you have several options. You can replace them, of course – there are thousands of low-cost alternatives to choose from and many are perfect for DIY. You can also resurface them, using the range of clever products now available at your local hardware or Bunnings. Want to spruce up or remodel your kitchen? Renovating kitchen cabinets can add personality, square footage, and resale value to your home! And no matter which decorating style you choose, bringing new life to your cabinets can make your kitchen a more inviting space for you and your guests. Check out these 21 ways to redo your kitchen cabinets!redoing your kitchen on a budget Ceiling fans cool your kitchen while adding visual interest to the room. When you’re shopping for a new fan, look for an Energy Star-rated model. Energy-efficient fans can cut your summer cooling expenses by as , much as 40 percent. One of Velindax2019s regrets is the cheap $200 eBay faucet she installed in that same kitchen five years ago. Since then, the metal , corroded and shoddy threads cause it to spin around at the base. A plumber recently quoted $500 just to replace it, making her yearn for the nicer $650 faucet she originally considered. It would have been a better deal in the long run, without the added hassle. x201CAlthough it sounded like a boring thing to invest in on my small budget, I had to learn the hard way that quality plumbing fixtures make a difference,x201D Velinda update kitchen countertopsIt’s funny to me this is how I found your blog. My husband has a painting/drywall business and he had a customer who wanted her countertops painted. House manager/secretary/bookkeeper/IT wife me Googled and your blog was in my , search. He ended up using the Gianni line to paint the countertops, and they turned out awesome. I have the same tacky faux wood countertops you had. Hubby will be painting any day now or when he completes that next job, dog doesn’t need walked, he decided to whip up veggie soup, televised sports ceases,etc.. Oh well, he’s a keeper for the soup and a few other reason. Thank you for you blog, I have enjoyed every minute reading it that I should have been doing really productive things. This technique, which is often used in rental properties, applies a durable, permanent finish to existing laminate or solid surface countertops. I have a relative who had both her laminate kitchen countertops as well as her cultured marble bathroom vanity in her home re-done in this way, and she was happy with the result. """""""


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