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About Us 

Before we get into what BrandLUSU is all about, it is important to understand why we chose LUSU as our name. The name LUSU is an acronym which stands for Let Us Serve Us. Quite simply put, we exist to serve, and we believe that the only way any group of people- family, neighborhood, team, community, nation, etc. can reach its full potential and make a lasting positive impact in the world is through the medium of having a servant’s heart and actionizing that desire to put others before self. God has commanded that we do this, and with our business models we intend to maintain that spirit of service in everything that we do. The idea for the name was birthed out of a season of tumult that took place in 2015, during civil unrest in my home city of Baltimore, MD. There was a young man who lost his life while in police custody, an act which was a catalyst for a rebellion that manifested itself in the destruction of property, land, as well as the arrest of many young people, with whom I shared a generation and culture. While I was certainly aware of the myriad issues that plague my city, and countless other cities like it, it was at this moment that I was compelled to create an avenue that could be cog in the wheel to restoration, and true freedom from the bondage of evil, which permeates our world. And this avenue became a grassroots organization called RAKCity, which stands for Random Acts of Kindness City. I’m sure most of us have heard the term before, but I decided to include the term City because I wanted kindness to become cultural, and something that we do inherently, to the point that they are no longer random. The rollout of RAKCity utilized the power of social media and the virality of video culture that we’ve been in basically since the advent of video sharing platforms. The vision was for people to record, and/or recount instances in which they performed acts of kindness, and post those accounts on any of the social media platforms we use on a daily basis, with the goal being to inspire and compel others to do the very same, much like the spread of any type of contagion, only this time not for purposes of ravage, but rather purposes of love, peace, joy, contentment, and righteousness. The feedback from that movement was, and has been great, and the fact that RAKCity has a presence online means that it can live on in perpetuity, without direct oversight and management from me.


From there, God further placed on my heart the desire to not only compel others to service through kindness, but to also establish a business model, from which I could eventually leave my 9-5, and devote myself fully to serving God’s kingdom, maximizing on the gifts and talents He blessed me with. It was from this motivation that LUSU was born. Once divinely inspired the concept was put into motion- devise a model for generating profit while directly and overtly proclaiming my love for and devotion to God. And that’s where LUSU Designs Lifestyle originated from. My vision, as you’ll see on that page, was to create apparel that both showcased creativity, as well as a clear allegiance to the daily pursuit of godliness, in hopes to inspire others to not only know God, but to be unashamed to lay claim to Him, unafraid of what others may think, or say. Each item serves as a conversation piece, from which questions can be addressed, issues clarified, relationships fortified, and most importantly, souls won for Christ. I could go on and on, but I think I’ll leave the rest to the actual LUSU Designs page.


Next up was LUSU Media Group. Now I’d always enjoyed creating and telling stories in a visual manner, and so I decided to marry that gift with my gift of teaching/mentorship, and thus LUSU Media group was born. As you’ll see on that page, the ultimate goal is to take any and every type of situation that we may face while living on this earth, whether directly or indirectly, and present a godly perspective to it, which will shed light on the inability of man to live righteously apart from God, and compel people to seek out God for themselves, establishing and growing their relationship with Him. We use headline news, pop culture, sports, and many other topics as backdrops for deeper, spiritual dialogue. And actually from that came LUSURadio, which serves many of the same purposes, but allows for a broader audience reach, and creativity of approach.


Before I get into the overall purpose of BrandLUSU, I’ll end with the creation of LUSU Advocacy Group. This organization is akin to RAKCity, in that the goal is financial profit, but rather spiritual profit through direct advocacy for certain citizen rights that are often overlooked, as well as others that haven’t even been considered yet. We have several focus areas, and the goal is to have ambassadors in place that can lead efforts to raise awareness, foster change, and maintain & sustain that change.


Having shared all of that let’s get to BrandLUSU.


 BrandLUSU is the umbrella company for a collection of businesses and organizations that all have a unified vision, purpose, and goal: promoting godliness and sharing the gospel. With each endeavor we customize our approach in efforts to strengthen our reach and footprint, and we maximize on the opportunities native to each. What you’ll find as you view each page is a clear message of what to expect from the service, and the importance of maintaining our vision as the foundation, in efforts to sustain our uniformity. It is our hope that you take the time to peruse each business page, so that you fully understand how each of them can be bolstered by your support, whether as a patron, supporter, ambassador, sponsor, or partner. We value each of these roles tremendously, and am grateful for the blessings that each of you are to us. We take very seriously the commission God has given us on this earth, to love Him with everything we have, and to love others as ourselves. Each of the two tie directly into each other, and cannot perfectly exist without the other. Our purpose here is to serve, and it is the belief that service is a broad undertaking, which has birthed our array of businesses. Join us as we do our part to leave this world better than we found it.

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