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Christian Service Brigade is a multi-year discipleship program designed to give a boy everything he needs to be a man of God.  He’ll learn real world skills as well as spiritual ones that he can apply throughout is entire life.

Guiding young men into godly leadership is difficult to do alone. We want to equip you with what we’ve learned about discipling boys and young men from over 75 years of ministry. We know that boys learn spiritual lessons best in the context of hands on activity under the discipleship of mature Christian men.

Valor Parent Magazine

Empowering parents to teach their boys to walk, talk, and think like Christ.

About the Magazine

Parenting sometimes feels like an impossible calling but in-spite of this feeling we must be intentional and prepared if we are going to raise our boys God’s way. That’s why we created VALOR, a publication from Christian Service Brigade, the ministry that’s been helping build godly men for more than 78 years.

VALOR is designed to help provide the parents, leaders, alumni and fans of Christian Service Brigade with Biblical principles, tools, and perspective on discipleship by drawing on our years of experience and connections with experts in the field of discipleship and men’s ministry. In each issue we help parents tackle tough subjects and give you specific actions you can take to show your son what it means to be a godly man.

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Support CSB

To donate to our general fund and use your donation to support all programs, type in your amount below, then scroll to the bottom to complete your donation.  To support a Regional Director in your area, please select a name and region.


If you need assistance or would like to speak with someone regarding your donation, please call 800-815-5573.

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